On this page I'm showing several photos taken with a 35mm camera during the past several years. Most of the shots were taken with my camera attached to a little windup clock drive so that I could take a long-time photograph without the stars smearing out. Lenses ranged from wide-angle (28mm) to telephoto (400mm).

Here's a shot of the moon about one day after new moon, taken from my old farm in Louisa County. The planet Venus is above the moon, and the crescent of the moon is so thin that you can see the outline of the entire body of the moon. This phenomenon results from "earthshine" on the moon, and can only be seen immediately before, or immediately after a new moon.
Here's a shot of comet Hale-Bopp which I took near my house in March 1997. Although scanning this picture into a GIF file caused a loss in quality, you can still see the double tail which was a feature of this comet. The second tail was a pretty blue stream, much fainter than the main white tail.
Here's a picture of the Orion Constellation, also taken from my old farm. Orion's sword (otherwise known as the Great Orion Nebula) shows up as a pinkish blob in a color picture, whereas to the naked eye it appears white.

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