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Maddie's Gingerbread Baby visits Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

February 21, 2001
Dear Maddie,

Gingerbread baby and I have had a wonderful visit and adventure. He jumped in the car on Valentine's Day, and spent the day with me at school. I was a bit nervous at first since you told me how much trouble he could get into but he promised he'd be good. When we arrived at school he was told he had to wear a visitor's badge. He thought that was pretty impressive. Mrs. Statler is so polite; she asked him all about Cincinnati and welcomed him to our school.

Our first stop was to the office to check out the secretaries. You can see a bust of Thomas Jefferson on the back wall. Our school is named for him and we're only 30 miles away from Monticello, Mr. Jefferson's home in Charlottesville.

 Ginger Baby wanted to inspect Mr. Jefferson's statue more closely and Mr. Straley, our assistant principal had to call him into his office to chat about the rules.

On our way out of the office, Ginger Baby noticed a sad little boy in the nurse's office and just had to pop in to cheer him up.

Ginger Baby was very curious and wanted to visit everywhere! He reminded me of Curious George. I just hoped he wouldn't get into any more mischief! Here we are at our next stop, the library. Mrs. Oxley was checking in books and he just jumped right up on the counter and landed in the pencil cup!


After we rescued him, he watched our librarian, Mrs. Woolfolk, read to a second grade class. She even let one of the kids hold Ginger Baby while they all listened to a story. He was so quiet and listened to the story.


We spotted Mrs. Garnett (your mom and dad know her - she was your dad's fifth grade teacher!) in the hallway, and she invited us into her reading classroom. She told Ginger Baby some really good stories about your dad!

On our way to the kindergarten wing, Ginger Baby spotted Phyllis the Flamingo with Mr. Rhodes, our art teacher. Mr. Rhodes was carrying Phyllis on his back because one on the Kindergarten teachers, Mr. Moyer, loves to play tricks on teachers and sometimes tries to kidnap Phyllis. I think he just wants the principal to make him Teacher of the Week so he can have Phyllis in his room.

We checked out Mr. Moyer's room to see if he had come up with any devilish new plans to kidnap Phyllis. His class must have been studying U.S. Presidents. Ginger Baby wanted to know what he would look like if he were a president too! He thought he was much more handsome than Washington or Bush.

Ginger baby was starting to get hungry so he slipped into the kitchen to see what was cooking and had to be removed from the oven. Maddie, I'm really embarrassed, but Ginger Baby didn't like anything that was being served that day. However, he did notice…..

……a fish tank in the cafeteria. Well, before I could say "Happy President's Day" he went fishing and caught a fish that he thought he would eat for lunch!

Unfortunately, another of our assistant principals happened to see this and told Ginger Baby he would have to leave.

BUT, before he left, he jumped into a basket of Valentine goodies that a parent was bringing to her child's classroom. She thought he was really cute and gave him a lollipop. Finally, Ginger Baby popped back into the office to say good-bye and just couldn't resist smelling all the wonderful flowers teachers had gotten for Valentine's Day!

Ginger Baby was exhausted from our adventure and slept all the next day. He asked me to ask you if he could stay a little bit longer. He now wants to check out Monticello! Do you think Mr. Jefferson's home would be safe???


Love and Hugs



Grammam in Virginia


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